Straumann® ImmediaXy™

Taking immediacy to the next level.

Patients’ increasing demand for shorter treatment times, the growing evidence for predictable success 8 , and the positive effects on productivity and growth have made immediate treatment protocols a popular choice in implant dentistry.

Backed by its scientific approach and building on its legacy of innovation, Straumann® now takes immediacy to the next level of reliability and efficiency.

With ImmediaXy, Straumann® offers an ecosystem of solutions that are designed to enable dental professionals to confidently and efficiently provide their patients with immediate temporization – whenever possible and clinically sensible, whether in single tooth, multiple teeth or full-arch cases 3, 9-13 .

  • End-to-end

    Seamlessly connects all workflow stages.

  • Efficiency

    Focuses on operational simplicity and workflow optimization.

  • Confidence

    Based on Straumann’s scientific approach and evidence-based solutions 1-7 .

  • Comprehensive partnership

    More than products: service, training and practice growth initiatives.

The Straumann ImmediaXy solutions help you to meet growing patient expectations…

  • Shorter* time to teeth
  • Shorter* treatment time
  • Less* discomfort
  • Natural-looking aesthetics

*compared to conventional treatments

Illustrative timelines – treatment times may vary

… and support the growth and productivity of your practice

  • Push boundaries with confidence

    Our end-to-end solutions are designed to enable immediate treatments with predictable outcomes.

  • Gain time & cost efficiency

    Enjoy a frictionless and flexible ecosystem that meets your workflow needs.

  • Accelerate revenue generation

    Our wide portfolio of solutions for immediate treatments enables you to treat complex indications such as full arch rehabilitations in atrophied jaws.

Straumann® ImmediaXy includes all stages of an immediate treatment workflow: data acquisition , planning & design , surgery and restoration . It provides end-to-end solutions, which are designed to enable immediate treatments with predictable outcomes 11, 14, 15 .

ImmediaXy makes the benefits of digital dentistry accessible – either in-house or outsourced – and is compatible with third-party solutions. A modular system, that can be tailored to support your workflow.

Data acquisition

Planning and design



Smile in a Box™

Smile in a Box™ is a flexible treatment planning and manufacturing service to gain efficiency and practice growth. You select the workflow steps you want to focus on – we deliver everything else you need for your treatment in one box.

Clinical cases

Anterior zone

Posterior zone

Full arch

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